Adult Education

CBA seeks to support lifelong learning. Whether you want to learn more about a specific topic or want to prepare for an adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we want to support your curiosity.

Congregation Beth Aaron offers a variety of options for adult education throughout the year based on congregants’ interests and schedules.

Member Adult Education Opportunities

•       Member-led Book Club -As scheduled by membership

•       Member-led Tanakh Discussion Group -Weekly, year-round

•       Lunch and Learn – Monthly during school year with summer hiatus. Led by Student Rabbi

•       Torah Study- Monthly during school year with summer hiatus. Led by Student Rabbi

Yellowstone County Community- Interfaith Learning Opportunities

•       Lincoln Center classes offered by Rabbi Uri Barnea, PhD /biIIingsschoolsorg/k6hf3voemgz3irhjw4dv/Current brochure.pdf

Introduction to Judaism:

Introduction to Judaism is a survey of the most important theological concepts, religious practices, and historical, geographical, and cultural aspects concerning the Jewish people, from their earliest beginnings some 3,800 years ago to our own time.  

Instructor Rabbi Uri Barnea, PhD

Mar 22 – May 3 Tue 6pm – 8pm  Lincoln Room B-3 22SPCA-048 

Required Materials: Handouts will be provided. Students must wear personal face masks. Fee: $77  

Classes have included, but are not limited to the following:

o    Judaism 101

o      The Prophets

o      The Mystery of the Ten Commandments