Religious Leadership

Student Rabbi Chayva Lehrman

Chayva is a fourth year rabbinical student at HUC, where she is also studying for a masters degree in Jewish nonprofit management. Before she rabbinical school she worked in Washington, DC in government and international development, but that the work was interesting but not as fulfilling as the work of the rabbinate. Chayva was the student rabbi in Lake Tahoe for two years and Fairbanks, Alaska this summer, where she led services, kids programs, officiated life cycle events, and Judaism outdoors programs. In addition to rabbinical school, she loves hiking and backpacking, music of many types, and swing dancing. Her first name is pronounced with a hard “ch” like champion and “ay” like in stay, but she doesn’t mind being asked to pronounce it.

Chayva values authenticity in all parts of her rabbinate. She seeks to always present Jewish tradition accurately, pray with the full range of feeling our rich liturgy contains, and be fully present with each member of the community. She encourages community members to be direct in their questions, interests, and feedback, and looks forward to developing relationships this year.